What we do

The more covered industrial sectors are:
Food industry and confectionery:
  • transport and handling of fresh pasta before laminating or molding:
    • collecting and then sending the product to the packaging kiln outlet.
    • handling trays with leavening of the product in the cell, loading and unloading of the oven automatically, unloading the product (dépanner) with suction cups, forceps or needle automatically, return the trays in loading area.
  • Automated systems of transport for biscuits, cakes of various kinds, pizza, bread, crackers, eggs.
Specific machines for chocolate
  • Enrobing machine for chocolate or surrogates
  • Cooling tunnel
  • Tank melter
  • Tempering machine
  • Dosing machine
  • Wetting machine
  • Centrifuge for chocolate eggs

The types of conveyors produced are of various types: belt conveyors, modular belts, chain belts or roller, multi-way switches, aligners, elevators,, belt curves, curved roller, rullers, orthogonal groups, bands retractable, trolley pull, dosing and distributors of dust grain (flour duster, sugar sprinkler).

Plans and particular machines

We develop plans allowing to specific requirements of movement, even for non-food sectors or based on designs provided by the Customer.

We invite you to consult the section "FOOD PLANTS" to see some of our machines and some plans realized by Trasbelt
Anyhow, we suggest you to contact directly our administrative direction for elucidations, information and for the formulation of a quote.

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